Pampered Pooch Extras

Add a pampered pooch extra to your dog grooming service

Ultimate Spa Package

Includes fresh bath, fresh facial scrub, nail/paw treatment, nourishing vitamin conditioner, and aromatherapy body spray. Three yummy fragrances to choose from.

Hypoallergenic shampoo

Crystal clear, fragrance-free, and ph balanced, a gentle wash to both skin and coat.

Medicated shampoo

Aids in the topical treatment of seborrhea and other conditions, such as flaky skin.

Massaged in the coat for 10 minutes, followed by a cool rinse.

Flea and tick shampoo

Shampoo is applied to start at the head, then works through the body for 10 minutes.

Shed-less Treatment

Love your dog, but hate the shedding?

A few treatments can reduce shedding by 90%

The de-shedding shampoo is applied to pets' coats and rinsed.

The de-shedding solution is massaged in the coat for 15 minutes to help loosen the undercoat.

A high-velocity dryer eliminates the excess coat.

The de-shedding tool is used to extract loose hair and undercoat.


Skunky Dog Treatment

Did your furry friend think it would be fun to chase Pepe Le Pew last night? This treatment will get rid of all that stinky stuff

A skunk odor neutralizer is immediately applied to the entire coat, focusing on the head and ears. This neutralizer sits on the coat for 20 minutes

A neutralizing shampoo is applied and rinsed.

Finally, the re-application of odor neutralizer is left to air dry for maximum benefit.

To squeeze or not to squeeze

Scent gland or anal gland expression is not for every dog. If you find your dog doing the scoot dance across your carpet or favorite rug, this will give your dog (and you) some relief.

Teeth brushing

Teeth are brushed with a toothpaste specially formulated for dogs in beef or chicken flavor, followed by breath spray.